OOBE (Out-of-Body Experience) Research Center

The OOBE Research Center was founded in 2007. Its initial task was to conduct mass experiments at the School of Out-of-Body Travel aimed at developing simplified methodologies for teaching lucid dreaming phenomenon. This book is the result of that research. It subsequently took up the study of all aspects of this phenomenon, and is currently undertaking experimental work on: determining and working with the fundamental properties of lucid dreaming, seeking out and developing the best methods for controlling the state, practical applications of the phenomenon, and its popularization, among other projects.

Volunteers for experiments are always being sought! In order to participate, ability to enter lucid dreaming at least once a week and basic knowledge of the English language are necessary. Thanks to modern means of communication, you can be located anywhere. Don’t let your experience go to waste – put our experiments on your plan of action!

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