Oleg Sushchenko

Moscow, Russia

Last night I spent about an hour developing the interplay of images in my mind after I no left felt any feeling of kinesthetic sense. I was lying on my back in an uncomfortable position. After sliding towards sleep for some time, I felt slight vibrations and echoes of sounds from the dream world, but the uncomfortable position still hindered me. In the end, I thought the heck with it, and decided to lie down however was comfortable, and turned over to lie on my stomach. Despite the fact that the movement upset the process, after about five minutes the state began to return and build up. I was able to get a little vibration this time, although I was unable to amplify it. I drew a picture of my kitchen in my mind, and because the images in that state were really vivid, strong, and realistic, after some time I understood that not only were my attention and awareness there, but so were my bodily sensations. I was quite surprised that lucid dreaming had been so easy to fall in to (there was no doubt that this was lucid dreaming).

I jumped out through the window and began to fly around the courtyard. Actually, it was the first time that I had flown only upon a single mental command, without any physical effort (M.R.: no deepening and no plan of action). The courtyard bore only 10% similarity to its real-life counterpart, but I was not at all surprised by this, and I simply enjoyed it as much as I could, as I was able see and was not immediately thrown out. But, after having looked at and taken in the city, the thought of whether or not this was lucid dreaming and not just a lucid dream occurred. I was so conscious in the dream that I was able to know about and comprehend such terms, and differentiate between them – can you imagine?! I have to add that I gave little attention to my memory, so I can’t say how much of my “self-awareness” was there, but I was aware enough to be able to differentiate between lucid dreaming and a lucid dream (or at least think about the difference).

I even went and asked people around if it was lucid dreaming or a lucid dream. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? The funniest thing was that they answered that it was a different world, and they refused to discuss the topic any further with me. Then, I decided to not get my mind all mixed up and just go with the plot, which turned out to be quite long and uninterrupted! I recalled a moment from the day before how I had lain down and induced lucid dreaming while lying on my back, and how I had turned over and flown away. I recalled all this periodically during the course of lucid dreaming, and realized that I should try to ask about what had been going on with me on the forum later.

Then, later in lucid dreaming, I found myself in a basement. As there was just a really nasty smell there, I decided that I had already had enough and that it was time to go back. That happened even more easily, as soon as I thought about going back (M.R.: wrong action), a vibration as light as a breeze went through me and then I was back in my body with full awareness and a well-rested body and mind. I was completely refreshed! And that’s despite the fact that I remember everything, every second of the dream, from the moment I started flying!

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