Obtaining Information

Once I got into bed, I found myself in the mood to try entering lucid dreaming using a direct technique. After having laid down for a bit and some end-of-the-day reflection, which calmed and relaxed me to some extent, I began to concentrate my attention on imagined rotation along my head-to-toe axis. I was unable to rotate more than halfway for the first minute. But then I was able to rotate all the way around, and it got easier and easier with each minute. I rotated in one direction, and then another. I periodically lapsed into sleep and shallow dreaming. I did not even try to attempt separation when surfacing, because I did not feel any lucid dreaming symptoms. At one point, conscious awareness sank into unconscious for a longer period of time than before (I almost completely fell asleep). When I came to, the rotation was somewhat sluggish. I intensified the rotation, which then spun me around like an electric motor: my whole body was abuzz with vibrations, even though the rotation was still imaginary, and not as perceptually real as usual. I also heard noise. It became clear that if I was not already in lucid dreaming, then I was close to it, and so I tried to roll out for the first time. It worked like a charm. However, I did not fall onto the floor, but floated an inch or two above it, as it seemed to me.

Wasting no time, I abruptly stood up in the middle of the room. I couldn’t see the room around me, but clearly understood that I was in it. I quickly began to palpate the floor, closet, bed linen, my own torso, and so on. On the whole, I could immediately tell that lucid dreaming was deep, even though I couldn’t see. I did everything more out of habit, and in order to ensure a long and confident lucid dreaming. Moreover, the lapse in consciousness was recent, and it would be necessary to fully regain consciousness before going into action, otherwise I might easily drift out of lucid dreaming. After 5 to 10 seconds of palpation, my vision returned. As soon as it did, I stared at my hands, peering at all the lines on my palms and fingers. lucid dreaming became not only real in terms of perception – it became hyper-real.

At that moment, I quickly defined my goals: to obtain information about lucid dreaming training, and to conduct an experiment on the connection between the body perceived in lucid dreaming and the physical body left behind on the bed. I didn’t initially recall what else had I wanted to do, but figured that I’d remember the other tasks while completing the first two.

All that thought on my plan of action did not take more than two seconds. I then closed my eyes and concentrated on finding a wise old man. I abruptly flew off, and quickly enough found myself in a hut, entering as if staggering in after flying through the wall. The wise man sat facing away from me, so I quickly walked around to face him, and then asked him how I could improve my teaching methodology at seminars. I expected that he would once again propose certain tricks-of-the-trade and special techniques. Instead, he unexpectedly said that it was worth working more actively on the emotional factor and especially motivation, as many simply do not make the necessary effort, mainly because they don’t understand what awaits them and how interesting it is. Even though their technique should be corrected, there’s not point in doing so when they aren’t always motivated and do not perform the techniques thoroughly.

Having obtained what I needed and having set its analysis aside for later, I took advantage of the opportunity and asked a question concerning my personal relationships with people that I care about in my life. However, the response caused me to fade out, and my mind wandered for a couple of moments, which was enough for everything to become blurred. Realizing that directly employing maintaining techniques would be useless at this point, I just tried to maintain lucid dreaming by grabbing the sage’s beard. I ended up in my body, but with my hand still holding his beard, which I strongly clutched in my hand in order to amplify the flow of sensations as much as possible. Rubbing my hand with the beard, I was able to almost effortlessly get out of bed. After palpating the nearby space with my free hand and realizing that the state was stable enough, I began trying to scrutinize the hand with the beard, holding it close to my eyes. My vision started to return, and within several seconds I was already able to see the space and my hand itself quite clearly. In it lay a thick clump of gray hair. This made me laugh. I tried not to get distracted, and was able to contain myself.

Then, I began to study the connection between the body that is visible on the bed from lucid dreaming, and the real physical one. Perhaps lucid dreaming space itself came to my aid, because it was precisely at that time that I saw my body indeed lying on the bed. I had been enjoying this sight less and less frequently, though at the beginning of my practice I experienced it with nearly every exit from the body.

Watching myself from the outside was once again not very pleasant, something jostled me inside and aroused mixed feelings. This was perhaps because the person I was looking at did not exactly correspond to how I experience myself to be. I began to touch his feet, stomach, and head. Contrary to old wives’ tales, this did not cause any getting pulled into a stencil – this process deepened and maintained my lucid dreaming, as it was a type of sensory amplification. At some point, touching and examining the face, I all too clearly realized that it was me. Everything faded for a moment, and I even felt someone’s hands on my face. But I was then able to go back to what I was doing, and continued on with the same clarity of purpose. I wrapped up the experiment.

Here it dawned on me that I could not remember what else I had wanted to do. Quite disappointed, I now had to go on with doing the first thing that popped into my head, so as not to waste the rest of lucid dreaming as a result of my poor memory…

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