New Experiment: Simulating Near-Death Experience

The OOBE Research Center is starting a new experiment: simulating near-death experience with tunnel flight towards light in the end of it. We’ve already got 9 results, but we need more till February 20th

Would you like to participate?

This is the instruction:

1 – Get a phase by any method (direct, indirect, lucid dreaming)
2 – Close your eyes In the phase (if it’s open) and try to translocate to a tunnel, flying to a light in the end of it. Just try to get the tunnel, no matter what (to properly translocate, use The Chapter 9 from SOBT: ).

The minimum goal: an experience with a flight in a tunnel to a light
The maximum goal: to reach the light and find there dead relatives or religious beings (angels, God etc)

If you’re successfull, immediately report your experience to (Include your full name, country and city)

P.S. Read SOBT for motivation and more techniques
P.P.S. What you should achieve (real NDEs):

«Something very strong threw me backwards at great speed into a very dark tunnel. I felt very frightened – but suddenly I was, like, “floating” forwards inside the tunnel.  I started to feel very well.  I could make out a golden light at the end of the tunnel, like a beautiful sunset. I felt flighty, light and very happy, more peaceful than I ever had in my life.  As I was approaching the light, I could see something like several silhouettes waiting for me»

«As soon as I heard the sound I knew I was dying as I traveled down a tunnel. At first it was dark as I heard the sound but then I saw a small bright light come closer and brighter. More than bright light, I knew it was GOD the farther I traveled the warmer and happier I felt. I was going toward a bright light. It’s where you want to be»

«As I walked further into the tunnel, I could see some cloudy figures, like indistinct shadows of people.  But then there was one that I just knew was my mother, who had passed.»

«Suddenly I felt myself leave in a dark tunnel marked with bluish hues and at the end of it, I could see a very attractive light. There was no more pain, no physical appearance, no mental anguish… only unconditional love and my father, who has been dead for 28 years, was there»

«While I was getting treated in the hospital, I remember looking down and seeing the doctor and nurses working on me. Then I became aware of something like a tunnel, and I remember feeling drawn toward it. I could see a small light at the end of the tunnel, and as I moved toward it, it seemed to get bigger. It looked just like a tunnel opening. As I entered the light, it felt like I became a part of it. The light felt like it passed right though my body, and when it did, it gave me a such a good, calm feeling.»

«After crossing the exit of the tunnel, I was surrounded completely by the Light. I tried to look back to see if the tunnel was still there, but I could not see it. Everywhere I could see I would only see this Light. This Light was of a kind I’ve never seen in this world, it was a white so pure that would be impossible here»

«I went to a health center because of stomach aches.  After three hours of waiting I was taken to be operated immediately. I glided through a tunnel towards light, and when I was about to reach the end of the tunnel, I saw a hand which stopped my advance.»

«In the beginning, the tunnel was glowing gently, but then it became more and more intense and bright.  I experienced a feeling of depth and dimension.  My speed increased as I approached the light at the end of the tunnel. The intensity of the colors deepened.  In addition, I was now full of an expectant joy.  A sense of warmth penetrated me, through and through. I saw shining blue and yellow lines flying past me with increasing speed. The intensity of the light and the clarity of my consciousness grew as my speed increased, until I reached a complete high»

«Then I saw the long dark tunnel with the light and I walked through it. I saw my body; it was in the car.»

«Pulled from my body, understanding that I did not have a body conflicting with some sensations recognized by me physical resistance to leaving, understanding that I was dying, typical tunnel experience with the light pulling me.  Arrival at the light was mind blowing love that I recognized as God.»

Good Luck!

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