Names for Independent Operations

An instructor operating completely on his own (or an organizer who hires instructors) may choose whatever name he likes besides "School of Out-of-Body Travel." However, there are several guidelines to follow so that the name works for you.

First, it should be as short and memorable as possible. A successfully chosen name will be easy to recall for someone who has just heard of it for the first time and wants to learn more about it. Second, the name should speak for itself. That means that it should describe the subject matter of your training session in one way or another. For example, when somebody sees or hears the name "School of Out-of-Body Travel," he usually knows more or less what it’s about. Third, don’t forget to pick a unique name. If it’s too similar or even identical to another brand, you not only risk legal problems, but also losing potential attendees when other organizations besides yours come up when they search for you online. You can get a preliminary (and pretty accurate) idea of whether or not a name is already in use by using search engines like Google or Bing.

Examples of names:

– Lucid Dreaming Academy

– The School of Lucid Dreaming

– The School of Phase States

– A Course in Out-of-Body Experiences

– The School of Astral Travel

– Astral Academy

– The Out-of-Body Traveler

– Lucid Dreaming Mastery

– etc.

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