Nadezhda Maslova

Moscow, Russia

We were already a bit stressed out on the night that it happened, because we had to wake up very early the next day in order to go on an excursion. We were afraid that we’d oversleep. I had woken up several times over the course of the night, and finally decided to use the nocturnal awakenings to enter lucid dreaming.

I successfully "exited the body", and stood up on the pull-out bed (M.R.: no deepening). I was in the same room that I had fallen asleep in, but discovered that there were two mirrors on the wall that weren’t there in real life. Peering into one of the mirrors, I noticed that I wasn’t wearing the same clothes that I had fallen asleep in. I then recalled my "idee fixe" – to whisk my boyfriend into my own lucid dreaming experience. I went over to the couch he was sleeping on, pulled him up by the arm, and took him up to the mirror. I was then thinking, "So maybe he’ll see himself in the mirror and become conscious while in my lucid dreaming?"

We stood in front of the mirror, and I saw our reflections diffusing. I figured that I had been unsuccessful once again, and so I let him go. But I resolved to crawl into the mirror myself in order to translocate. I got up onto the table, put my hand into the mirror, and started moving in head-first. I suddenly realized that the mirror was "closed" – that there was nothing but darkness and a wall behind it, and thus I wouldn’t be able to translocate anywhere. I then opted to employ the technique of "rotation". I started turning and imagining a favorite birch-tree forest from one of my travels in lucid dreaming. I really wanted to go there again.

I turned and turned, but could not enter into the forest, even thought it was vividly flashing before my eyes. I was unable to come to a halt in time. In the end, I landed in my mother’s apartment. There was a toy stuffed rabbit lying on the floor. I took it by the hand, figuring that if I started to lose lucid dreaming, I would fiddle with it in order to stay in. Then, I saw another mirror on the wall, and decided to have a look at my reflection. I looked, but the reflection was not of me, but of some blurred creature, like a ghost. I even became somewhat frightened. That fear returned me back to the body (or so I thought while still in lucid dreaming), with the stuffed animal still in my hands.

I found myself back on my bed, but I didn’t give up there. I decided to try another way to get my boyfriend to join me in lucid dreaming (after all, it gets lonely walking around all alone there!). I grabbed his hands and started sliding out of bed. We actually fell off the bed, but did not land on the floor. It was as if we had fallen from a cliff, and were suspended in air. Even though it was dark in the room that we were sleeping in, there was daylight all around us during our fall. Everything was really bright, much brighter than in the experience that I had just had. I was sure that I had been successful in pulling him into lucid dreaming with me! But then I saw that the arms holding me were clearly not his. I lowered my eyes, and saw that I was embracing another man!

He looked somewhat like my boyfriend, but his face was more aged and a bit different, while his hair was longer and gathered in a ponytail. I push him away and asked, "Who are you?" And he responded, "Well, I’ve already told you my name. Or maybe you’re just seeing the future?" I calmed down a bit and told him, "I need a dress, I don’t want to run around half naked." He replied, "So let’s go buy one". I turned around, and saw a shop. We went in – actually, we hovered in about a foot off the ground. We were greeted by a mulatto shopkeeper, he showed me all the dresses hanging on the rack. I was in ecstasy! I stepped towards the rack… and instantly found myself back in my body (M.R.: no re-entering)!

What a shame, not to have been able to wear those cute dresses at least in lucid dreaming!

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