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Not to worry, my friend! Stress and shock are not inevitable features of an astral projection state experience. Thus, your first entry into a deep astral travel does not necessary have to be accompanied by all of the discomfort that it brought me.

That first occurrence, which unequivocally showed me that life is not as dull and gray as it had already been starting to seem for me, would have been just a brief respite from day-to-day humdrum had it never recurred. While after the first experience I could not sleep for a long time, and indeed feared going to bed for a long time, afterwards everything occurred again in a much milder form. This ease was due to the absence of those putative aliens. I simply awoke in that very same stupor. I already knew that I could simply get up and levitate in some phantom body, but I was still afraid to do so.

I gradually started trying each time to get up and go just a little further into the process than the time before. Such a strategy increasingly lessened the feeling of fear, which had ceased to predominate. I was subsequently struck by the fact that I was doing everything myself, even if not in a very controlled way. If at first little green men were supposedly yanking me out of my body, then now there wasn’t even a trace of them. It turned out that this was some kind of skill that could be developed.

Of course, being interested in extra-sensory perception (ESP), I couldn’t escape the thought that this ability to control the experience could have a direct implication for physic powers. Moreover, this phenomenon is one most interesting subjects in that field. And most importantly – this was reality, and not merely a stubborn attempt to believe in something barely tangible and ambiguous. Unsurprisingly, I started to immerse myself in all of the available literature in an attempt to find useful information. After all, everything can be found in books and they contain nothing but the truth – right, friend?

It’s enough to say that I was quite quickly able to discard all of the literature that I could get my hands on. The reason was that with each week, I was becoming more and more familiar with the new experience in practice, and was easily able to verify whether the statements made and facts cited in books were accurate. It turned out that very little in those books was based on reality, and that they were mostly filled with long passed-down hearsay. There was no sense in starting off from those "works". I had to find my own way.

The understanding that only I myself could find answers to each of my questions served as an impetus for self-development, an impetus that many are lacking, especially those who try to make absolute authorities out of some authors. Understanding this, I always advise people to approach this topic as skeptically as I did.

I began to literally storm this incredible state all on my own. I lived and breathed it, and nothing else, from the age of 16 to 20. I was already out on my own, and nobody could get in my way. I naturally become somewhat antisocial, but conducted so many experiments each day that their results made such sacrifice on my end worth it. Moreover, this was simply the most interesting thing in the world for me.

That hands-on charge brought many valuable results. First, I gradually caught on to how to enter this strange stage deliberately, and not just spontaneously. Second, I came to the realization that no aliens had abducted me. So, dear friend, there is no reason to worry for my well-being. Third, I began to understand the properties of the space that I had arrived in.

It is of no small importance that I developed a theoretical framework during this time: working out the techniques for maintaining this state, the necessity of deepening it, interacting with the astral plane space, translocation and finding objects in it, and much more. To that end, I was able to classify all of the technicalities that had so far been lacking for anyone wishing to have a structured practice.

The practical side of things deserved special attention. It was that very aspect that convinced me to throw out all of the books I had found. For example, the books described how it was possible to fly up to somebody while in this state and injure him in a way that would leave a bruise in real-life. God knows how many desperate attempts I made to try to verify this. Sure, on the other side you can find someone you know and sucker-punch him, but he won’t remember this when he’s awake, and no bruises or even red marks will appear on his skin. You know, friend, I am the author of over a dozen books, all of them pretty thick, and I can tell you that only my conscious, and nothing else, attests to the veracity of their contents. Even if someone writes something with a clear conscious, he can still be mistaken, and you might read his work as if it were the God-given truth. That’s why I keep telling you not to pay attention to theories. The only way to know the world is to experience it.

After some time, I built several fundamental advantages into my techniques. One of them is that through hands-on experience, I was able to "grind out" a long list of practical uses for this phenomenon. They can be used by any person entering the astral plane for the first time, regardless of his worldview.

Looking back now, I’m not surprised that I wrote my first book on this topic at the age of 20. Though it may have been a bit folksy, a lot of people liked it, and no-one guessed at the age of its author. But most importantly, the techniques described in it did indeed help people to obtain a new body, one beyond the confines of the physical world. Then followed more books on various practical aspects of the astral plane. The 10th book, "A Practical Guidebook", is the best so far – being on the drier, academic side, it resembles more of a physics textbook than a personal development course. Its one shortcoming is that it is difficult to read if you are not already up to speed, a gap filled in by the book that you are holding in your hands. It’s a symbiosis of interesting explanatory text and material from that textbook.

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