Out-of-body travel is possibly the most unusual and interesting practice there is in and of itself. Yet no matter how perfectly-honed the techniques are, people will still perform them reluctantly and without concentrating. It’s a problem of engaging those proverbial instincts. Supposedly people know that this is what they need. Supposedly they realize that it’s beneficial and interesting. But you still need to engage deeper human drives to get someone to strive with all his being to perform the techniques no matter what. Although this of course doesn’t apply to all students, it does for most of them.

That’s why every training session should start with discussing how people will be able to put to use what they are going to learn. You don’t have to go into detail straight away. You need to give them at least some approximate benchmarks. Meanwhile, there’s no point in turning your nose up at more primitive things. Mentioning the possibility of finding out how to make a million dollars does not brighten people’s faces as much as hinting at how genuine sexual experiences are in out-of-body experience. The ability to meet any celebrity in out-of-body experience will never take the place of the ability to see deceased relatives there.

Budding practitioners should be clear on why they are going into out-of-body experience. Moreover, they should have a clear idea of what they will do as soon as they get there. If it happens to be something interesting, your instructions will be adhered to much more closely. This is why they need to have a plan of action before you teach them the easiest phase entrance method.

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