Moral Standards in lucid dreaming

From the very beginning, it should be understood that the moral compass of lucid dreaming space has nothing in common with the societal norms and laws of the physical world. lucid dreaming space seemingly imitates the physical world with all its properties and functions only because we are accustomed to them and are not expecting anything else. Moral principles and rules apply only to the place where they were developed. It does not make sense to profess them while in lucid dreaming.

The practitioner should not refrain from certain actions in lucid dreaming because some would be unacceptable, improper, or bad in the real world. These are merely behavioral patterns that are hardly suited to the world of lucid dreaming, where everything operates on the basis of entirely different laws.

The only moral rules that might exist in lucid dreaming are those that the practitioner establishes. If desired, complete, unhindered freedom may be experienced.

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