Module No. 9: Translocation and Finding Objects


Teach techniques for finding objects in out-of-body experience and ways to translocate throughout it. This will help practitioners to fully employ the phenomenon to various practical ends instead of being confined to the space they find themselves in at the beginning of the experience.

Key Concepts

Mandatory: Definition, translocation techniques, and object-finding techniques.

Non-Mandatory: The basic property of out-of-body experience space, simulations of translocation and object-finding techniques, and examples.

Lesson Plan

Definition Techniques for translocating and finding objects consist in the ability to use the properties of out-of-body experience space for the purpose of translocating throughout it to any place one wishes and finding any desired animate or inanimate object in it. These skills will come in handy for your students on multiple times during practically every phase experience. They will also allow them to use out-of-body experience for productive and practical applications.

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