Module No. 6: Deepening the State


Students learn the principles for intensifying out-of-body experience state and making experiences in it as realistic as possible. It’s often impossible to have a full-fledged phase experience without first doing so. This is the most important technique performed within out-of-body experience for students to learn.

Key Concepts

Mandatory: Definition and sensory amplification.

Non-Mandatory: Primary deepening techniques, other techniques, simulated deepening, and examples.

Lesson Plan

Definition Deepening out-of-body experience involves techniques for making phase sensations realistic, if not hyper-realistic. It’s an essential step towards a full-fledged phase, as this phenomenon is of no special interest without vivid sensations. These techniques must be employed the majority of time. It’s preferable to learn to use them when just starting to carry out one’s plan of action and in parallel to it, so as not to waste time.

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