Module No. 4: Becoming Conscious While Dreaming


Provide a general background on the neutral phase-entry method of becoming conscious while dreaming. Although it is often a side effect of attempts made using other techniques, practitioners should still know the mechanisms that lie at its core. This method indirectly accounts for up to 50 percent of phase entries.

Key Concepts

Mandatory: Definition, the techniques and when to perform them, and actions to be performed when becoming conscious while dreaming.

Non-Mandatory: When to practice, simulating attempts, and examples.

Lesson Plan

Definition out-of-body experience-entry method of becoming conscious while dreaming consists of entering out-of-body experience by realizing that a) everything around you is but a dream and b) that you can do anything that you want instead of going along with the storyline of the dream. You’re already in out-of-body experience as soon as your waking thought processes and awareness of what’s happening to you arise for whatever reason in a regular dream.

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