Maxim Shvets,

Moscow, Russia

I went to bed with the intention of entering lucid dreaming while dreaming or upon awakening in the morning. I woke up at about 6:30 am, and decided to try the method of visualization, as phantom wiggling had not worked over the past 2 days (M.R.: no separation). Vague images gradually created a scene in front of me, which I then found myself participating in. I felt myself separating from my body, and rolled out of it. I opened my eyes. Some guy grabbed me by the shoulder and said, "You’ve left your body, be cool." I told him that I was ready. He turned me around, and I saw my body…

My body was lying on its back with open eyes, even though I had started visualizing while lying on my stomach. Not assigning any particular significance to this, I decided to deepen right away. I squatted down and began to quickly palpate the floor and the walls with the palms of my hands. I then looked at my index finger, and could discern the lines in the skin. Figuring that this was all wonderful, I went to the kitchen in order to fly (M.R.: no plan of action). However, I remembered that it was best for novices not to attempt this. I returned to my bedroom door and pictured there being a sunny beach behind it. I opened the door and immediately woke up lying on my back (M.R.: no maintaining and no re-entering)…

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