Matthias HolzerVienna, Austria

I had a lucid dream. It was a dream I have quite often: going home from work and realizing I’m missing my suitcase. As soon as I got home in my dream, sure enough my suitcase was standing there. I then became aware of a discontinuity: I remembered that I had punched the flextime clock at work when leaving, but the card for this was in my suitcase. How could I have done this if my suitcase was at home? This must be a dream! I became lucid, and as usual at this occasion I immediately woke up in my excitement. However, I instantly entered the vibrational state, which seemed very strong and stable. I tried the rolling out method and it worked perfectly.

As usual, I reached for the silver cord, but only felt something like mild electrical energy in my neck where the cord is usually located (M.R.: no deepening). First off, I decided to walk into my mother’s room with whom I was living at the time (M.R.: no plan of action). I expected to see her in bed and for an instant I thought I’d see exactly this, her face on the pillow (I couldn’t see very well however), but then I realized that she must have been in the living room since she always got up very early and must surely have been awake at this time – it must have been a reality fluctuation. Next, I looked into one of the mirrors in my mother’s room, wondering what I would see. What I saw were several distinctly separated body parts of mine floating around – like a photograph of me had been cut into a jigsaw puzzle!

Then I looked at my hands, they started to melt until the stumps looked cut off, just like the picture in the mirror. Next I continued into the living room, looking for my mother, but I didn’t see her. Now I decided that I finally had to leave my apartment, something I had never accomplished in all my years of OBEs. Without any difficulty I walked through the closed main door and out into the corridor. The light out there seemed to be on, but I realized that I was having some sort of tunnel vision, a very narrow field of view. I demanded more energy and better sight, but this didn’t help much. As I walked down the corridor, physical reality disappeared more and more towards the end of the hallway (where in reality the door to my grandmother’s apartment was located, where I wanted to go), there was just some kind of rectangular portal. Now only half conscious, I decided to return to my body and end the experience because I didn’t want to risk losing my memory of it (M.R.: wrong logic). That very instant, I awoke physically in my bed (M.R.: no re-entering).

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