Matthew Shea


I felt as if I was lying in my bed at first, but at the same time I felt like I was in a dream. I could hear a game show or something on a television, so it was definitely in my head. I relaxed and knew I was either in a dream, or about to be. All of a sudden, I was thrust into lucid dreaming. I landed in a grassy field in a place like my town, but having a bit of a different appearance. I walked along, and felt the grass and other things as I did. I crossed a road as a huge vehicle came down the road. The vehicle hit me and knocked me down, but luckily it didn’t hurt. I felt as if I was observing a movie. It felt great. Suddenly, I realized what my plan was.

I really wanted to try and fly and go visit someone that I know. I jumped a couple times to no avail. Then, I jumped and began to fly a little. All of a sudden, the police came and pulled me out of the sky (M.R.: wrong action) and accused me of terrorism! I ended up being let off because they really don’t know what the heck they were talking about. I went home after this. I really wanted to try and visit my friend again, so I went and put my shoes on. At that point, I started thinking about my physical body, and so I immediately stopped thinking about it and continued with the shoe thing.

I walked outside, and then I start thinking about what the world around me looked like. I gazed up behind my house, where there are usually a few hills. They were huge now and very grassy instead of rocky. This amused me and I looked around some more. Now there were hills in my front yard. As I gazed up at the sky, I noticed something amazing. There were moons of every different shape and size, differing from the normal color. Some were pale blue. Some of them were oval and some were round. It was a really fantastic sight. After this, I continued on my way to visit my friend. I started walking down the road, trying to fly again and again.

My brother showed up and I told him what I was doing. He suggested that he give me a boost. I told him that I might end up hurting myself like that, and so he doesn’t do it. I kept trying. I even jumped off someone’s head when I saw them coming up the road. I guess I finally gave up on it. There was a small lapse between then and when I ended up in my house (M.R.: no maintaining). Once I did end up in my house, we were having something to eat. As I was sitting at the kitchen table, I all of a sudden woke up (M.R.: no re-entering). It feels really interesting to just wake up peacefully in your bed after an experience like that.

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