Mass Media

Advertising in the Mass Media

Direct advertisement in mass media is one of the most expensive and effective ways to promote your out-of-body travel and lucid-dreaming educational services and products. It might involve advertising blocks and modules in the following traditional and modern mass media: newspapers, journals, web portals, television, and radio. It’s quite feasible to take out advertisements or paid articles in newspapers and magazines. Television and radio ads might only be used in special cases like mass events where your budget allows for them and you need to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Direct advertising in local media alone is sufficient in most cases. Any metropolitan region will have a number of publications where you can place your ad or article. It’s enough to go to a newsstand to find out what all the main local rags are. In any publication there should always be a section with the telephone number of the advertising department, which you should call to find out the terms for taking out an ad and the cost of doing so.

There’s a belief out there that advertising in traditional media and even advertising itself has practically outlived its effectiveness. There’s some truth to that, considering that people are increasingly turning to new sources of information and becoming less responsive to advertising on the whole. However, it still works. It’s possible that it will always work to one degree or another. This is especially true of impoverished and poorly developed regions.

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