Maintaining Interest

Before Training Sessions

Since many people will sign up ahead-of-time for your training sessions (sometimes by a month or more), there will be the issue of how to maintain their interest. For example, if a person signs up for a seminar 6 weeks in advance, then in most cases he will change his mind or decide go to another seminar instead. This might happen within only a week or several days of signing up. People often simply forget that they had been planning to go somewhere in the first place. This problem is partially solved by asking for upfront deposits. You can try several tricks for keeping your students.

First, begin to actively promote your event 2 to 3 weeks beforehand if you have planned powerful promotional activities that are known to be effective. This will help you retain more of the already-enrolled students on whom you have already spent a portion of your advertising budget.

Second, you can give people pre-seminar tasks or readings to complete. This will draw them into the subject matter and reinforce their desire to explore it in more depth.

Third, you can put those who have just signed up on a mailing list and send them not only event reminders, but also a large amount of beneficial and interesting information.

Fourth, everyone who signs up should be reminded of the event regularly. To do so, you should call them 1 to 3 days after they sign up to confirm their spot, and then send them a text message 2 weeks prior to the event, a week before it, and the morning of. Little things like this will allow you to get many more people to come to an event.

If possible, have the notifications request that people not make attempts to enter out-of-body experience on their own for about an entire week before the seminar. This will allow people to accumulate more willpower and desire, which you can then put to use as they improve their technique. This will improve the quality of instruction in the long run.

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