lucid dreaming Object Aggression and Attacks

It’s worth taking a moment to go into detail on lucid dreaming objects behaving aggressively towards practitioners, as many are concerned about this issue. However, one fact that says a lot should be considered immediately: these types of issues usually concern or are encountered by the esoterically-minded, or those who have read much eclectic literature on the subject of lucid dreaming states. Such issues are rare among those with a materialist outlook.

Here, lucid dreaming objects are provoked to react adversely by incorrect behavior on the part of practitioners. It’s enough to note that many authors writing on lucid dreaming devote up to half of their books to the subject of protection from such attacks. Of course, a negative experience is sure to follow a close reading of such material. Moreover, the negative experience would occur without adequate understanding of the occurrence – and such understanding which would otherwise remedy the issue.

The first thing to know in this regard is: no thing and no person in lucid dreaming presents any real threat. The practitioner himself is able to control everything that occurs. That’s why there’s no point in fearing anybody or anything in lucid dreaming, no matter how threatening they may seem or what someone may have said or written about it.

The second thing to know is: the only thing that can and does attack is the practitioner’s own fear, be it conscious or unconscious fear. The properties of lucid dreaming space are such that a novice’s inability to control the process will lead to his subconscious expectations causing much to happen to him. That’s precisely why a still "green" lucid dreamingr who has read much about "astral attacks" will encounter materialized and hyper-realistic fears that not only terrorize, but also cause true pain: beatings, abuse, torture, suffocation, and the like. Until the reason for them is understood, the problem will remain unsolved. Moreover, all kinds of absurd theories about evil beings thus find confirmation, which is why old wives’ tales continue to have wide currency, even in our modern era.

An experienced practitioner controls his entire experience from beginning to end, and his subconscious expectations don’t interfere with the behavioral mechanisms of lucid dreaming space. Thus, attacks are a rarity. And even if they occur, this problem is easily resolved by counteractive assertiveness or a simple attempt to face the unpleasantness head on.

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