New York, USA


I found myself “awake” lying on the couch, and being aware of a sense of FEAR! Not so much a sense of me being fearful, but fear that was associated with someone quite close to my body as it lay on the couch (M.R.: no separation)!

I didn’t really see this person at first, I just felt the fear energies emanating from him or her, which of course, to be honest, made me just a little bit concerned. My fear dissipated immediately when I realized this was a very small child standing next to me! (He couldn’t have been more than 2 years old, likely less…)

I was at first caught off-guard, wondering “Now what do I do?!” (M.R.: no deepening and no plan of action) Then I sensed an adult presence also nearby at the bottom of the couch area. This was a female, clearly seen, short sandy-colored hair and small glasses and a petite frame. I somehow knew she was waiting for this child to know she was there.

I’m not sure how I did it, but turning to face the child, I sent love and even tried to hug him with my energies. He calmed immediately and I told him, “look who’s here!” as I picked him up and handed him to this woman. I have no idea how I knew what to do, or if I was doing the right thing, I just did what felt to be right.

The woman smiled, the child’s energies calmed and changed, and then they both disappeared!

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