June 2001

I suddenly became aware that I was in a dream. I felt joy and satisfaction. The positive emotions were so plentiful that, having become aware of my presence in a world outside of reality, I tried to share my emotions with passersby. I didn’t even care that there was no point in doing this. It should be noted that I did not have to return to my body in order to deepen the state and separate once again, as is normally to be done, as there was an immediate and atypical realism to my surroundings. It was that very realism that had led me to become aware that I was dreaming in the first place.

I was in a very interesting place: there was no sky – instead of it there was a low, large blue dome, which distributed a strange light across the entire space; the scenery all about recalled a corner of paradise: there were a lot of fountains, streams, and numerous architectural curiosities of unknown purpose. There were flora and fauna everywhere: all the streams were teeming with myriad types of fish, all the trees were alive with the chirping of flocks of exotic birds (from simple green parrots to those of fantastic appearance). There was so much to take in all around. Wherever one looked, there were beautiful flowers and trees of all different shapes; many people milled about on all kinds of business, paying not the slightest degree of attention to me, and there were many objects with unfamiliar objects around.

All was distinguished by a rich display of life in all its manifestations. Everywhere was crowded, peopled, and there was practically no free place to stand. Everything literally teemed. However, there was room enough to move about. I was seized by intense emotion arising from such an uncommon, and, most importantly, realistic and vivid landscape. Everything could be taken in visually, and in minute detail. There was a lot of everything around to observe, I did so with relish. In other words, I performed the technique of concentration, I didn’t even have to think about procedures for maintaining. I didn’t feel at all like carrying out my previously planned tasks. I didn’t need anything else but to enjoy the simple pleasure of observing this little corner of paradise. I felt like a stranger in a strange world, and was very happy to have landed in such a place, and been able to experience it firsthand. For this, I was sincerely grateful for lucid dreaming. Something like this would never have happened in real life. The thought occasionally came to me that this was not simply my inner world, but actually some real one. However, the laws according to which it operated went against this. The only thing that could have startled me was the realness of the situation. My inner world could not accept such things, as I had already grown accustomed to thinking about reality in a different way over the course of my life.

My presence in this paradise was threatened by the possibility of my conscious awareness checking out, and me subsequently falling asleep. I started to become quite worried about this, and so had to perform some active exercises in order to keep my awareness from submerging. Without thinking twice, I decided to start talking with people there, because this was always one of the most interesting things to do. Unfortunately, everyone present there was unfamiliar with me from reality. But that did not bother me too much, because an interesting scene started to develop before my eyes.

The two men started singing some songs, before that they had been quietly sitting on a bench and enjoying some unknown liquid from wineskins. From the tone of their voice and their appearance, one could easily guess at the alcoholic inspiration for their vocal concert. After singing the refrains of some well-known songs, they graduated to obscene limericks and jokes. That’s when it got really interesting. I expected them to recite only things that I already knew, but to my total surprise, this was not to be the case. I stood there and listened very carefully to everything. Even though the limericks were funny, I was more shocked than amused, as I had never heard any of them before. This meant that at that moment, my brain was literally composing quite high quality stuff on the fly, without any intervention in the process on my part. Perhaps I had once been unwittingly exposed to everything that I heard in that world, and simply not paid attention to it, and now it was coming back to me in this form.

Then, I suddenly got the idea that I should enjoy myself in a more active and unusual way. After all, one ought live in the moment…

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