Journeys of Well-Known Practitioners

Presented next are out-of-body experience accounts from the most famous authors and researchers in the field: Muldoon, LaBerge, Monroe, Castaneda, and Bruce. However, if their experiences are to be compared with some of those from the previous section, it would turn out that some humble freshman from the countryside is able to exceed all of them in terms of understanding how to use techniques to control and apply the phenomenon – with the possible exception of Stephen LaBerge.

The explanation for this is simple: the knowledge we have now could only have arisen thanks to the foundation they laid, whatever its quality. It is no exaggeration to state that their work was revolutionary for its time. But now we live in a completely different era, with contemporary advances in technology and technique. A time will come when our currently up-to-date knowledge becomes antiquated.

In order to give the reader practice at independent analysis, these experiences are provided without commentary regarding mistakes. Gather your courage and, using the analyses in previous sections of this book as a guide, comb the experiences of the authoritative figures for what modern knowledge now recognizes as the most typical and common mistakes:

– no separation;

no deepening;

no plan of action;

no maintaining;

no re-entering;

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