Joshua Rachels

Belleville, USA

I found myself struggling to fall into a full sleep, with what felt like "naps" and the last recognizable time occurring in reality was at 4:30 a.m.

I had once again rested my head back down and what felt like almost immediately after doing so the next thing I was "aware" of is that I am in a field walking toward what I had recognized as an old comic shop I used to visit. Not having any notion as to how I may have gotten there, I remember staring at the ground of the field beneath my feet and questioned if I had been dreaming. I then tried jumping as high as I possibly could, which initiated a leap several feet high and long, cueing the realization that I was in fact dreaming.

Now this is where things get a little broken (sequence-wise) for me, so please bear with me:

The next thing I recall is being inside of the building I was heading towards in what I was told was a rehabilitation center. Everyone around me was dressed in white. None of the faces where completely recognizable except for two: a good friend of mine named Dan and a women with no name (in lucid dreaming I referred to her as "the one I love") and even the woman’s face blended back and forth between what I can only describe as a mix between Natalie Portman and one of my ex-girlfriends.

I remember Dan leaning against a doorway next to me while I was staring into a mirror (I could see myself, but my hand kept touching my face as it was blurred – the only visible portion was my white clothes and hair) as he began answering what I can only assume was my subconscious question of why I was there and for how long. I told him I could not remember how I got there or why I was there and I remember his response as clear as day:

Dan: "Do you know why you’re here man?"

Me: "I can’t even tell you how I got here. Marijuana?"

(keep in mind I was in a "rehab center")

Dan: "Haha – you can’t remember? That’s probably why you’re here in the first place. You’re here for like a month dude. Go check the schedule."

At this point I believe my subconscious began to panic about possibly becoming stuck, because time in lucid dreaming seemed to begin to narrow. People began crowding me around the "schedule". I remember specifically an African-American man shouting beside me, "who’s Josh, who’s Josh!" soon after leading me outward toward the front door where "the one I love" had been leaning, gesturing me to come closer.

I then remember walking with "the one I love" when she began crying, begging me not to wake up, screaming that we could be happy there together if I stayed. During this tantrum, chains developed on her arms and legs and I began to feel heavy.

I then began thinking of my family, my mother specifically and thoughts of getting stuck in a coma, which I do believe led to my subconscious to panic further because time seemed to narrow even further.

"The one I love" then led me into a back room and well, not to get vulgar, but we began having sex and right before my "orgasm" she started screaming at me not to go, at which point I felt myself being pulled away – and in fact I was being pulled away.

Now here’s what really blew my mind about the whole experience: I then awoke to daylight and rushed out of my room to find my mother and stepdad standing in the living room. I began explaining my experience to them both. However, my stepdad began pre-guessing my whole experience dead on, which I questioned. I then took out my phone and noticed there were scratches and dents all over it. I handed my phone to my mom to look at the damage and as she hit the back light button I WOKE UP!!

I shot up almost immediately after opening my eyes, it was still dark outside I looked at the time..5:17 a.m.

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