Jorge Antonio Becerra Perea

Hidalgo, México

After waking up around 8:00 am (on a holiday, of course), I had breakfast and went back to sleep. Then, after having an extremely weird dream, I managed to awaken without movement. I immediately tried to separate by rolling, and failed. Then I tried forced falling asleep (FFA) followed by phantom wiggling, but this time I tried to move my legs slowly and feel the movement. Suddenly, I noticed that I was already standing next to my bed, but with my blanket still over my body. After taking it off, I started to deepen in lucid dreaming, touching and peering at everything, and immediately after feeling myself in a hyper-realistic environment, I started to explore my own house (M.R.: no plan of action).

The time was changing constantly between day and night, and in the next room I found my uncle, watching TV. I was so excited about lucid dreaming and so curious that I tried to explain to him that everything was non-physical, just to watch his reactions. He said I was crazy, ignored me and continued watching the TV. Then I threw the TV. through the window and continued to the next room.

Suddenly, I came back to my body (M.R.: no maintaining) and started the separation again. I separated again in my room. This time, it was night. I started to call a woman I was looking for by name, but I started to have problems with my voice, so I decided to trans-locate to my school. I closed my eyes, and imagined the place. Suddenly I started to feel a sensation of flight, and after opening my eyes I was already there. The place was pretty different than in reality, but I enjoyed it a lot more than if it were as usual. I spent a lot of in-lucid dreaming time looking for that woman, asking people, calling her name, with no results.

In the end, I lost consciousness and fell into a normal dream. Anyways, it was a wonderful experience.

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