Jorge Antonio Becerra Perea

Hidalgo, México

Everything started as a normal dream. In my dream, I was trying to fall sleep in my bed, with no success. Suddenly, I started to hear strange and loud noises outside, so I turned my head to the window in order to see what the heck was happening, and what I saw really scared me.

There was a UFO flying through the city, as if it were looking for people to abduct. It stopped right over my house. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. Suddenly, I awakened, with absolutely zero movement, and I had the idea of trying the abduction method or the fear method. I started to recall the fear I was having a few seconds earlier and also tried to imagine the abduction. Sounds and vibrations started to arise and I immediately tried to separate by just standing up.

It worked.

After deepening by palpation, I noticed that three of my best friends were with me. They were watching TV. It’s funny that although my native language is Spanish, the TV program was narrated in English, and I could understand everything.

Then I moved into the living room, and, following my action plan, I tried to translocate to London. I had a lot of problems with translocation this time. I started to visualize Big Ben in front of me, and while the image was forming behind my eyelids, it stopped and the tower morphed into a weird Japanese building.

A lot of samurai soldiers started to jump out of the building in order to attack me. I thought that it was because I was losing lucidity, so I used peering to deepen lucid dreaming, closed my eyes, and suddenly the image of a switch appeared before them.

I focused my attention on the light switch, and while translocating I tried to visualize London, but I ended up in a kind of formal meeting on the coast.

Now I realize that I was at The Hague, Holland. I tried to do an experiment. I took out my iPod Touch and suddenly it morphed into my cellphone. I took a look to the screen and the only thing I was able to see were strange symbols. Then, I walked through the crowd of people. My father came and asked me what I was looking for. I told him that I was looking for a person very important to me. I kept looking for Victoria (that’s her name) with no luck, and suddenly lucid dreaming vanished. Once back in my body, I separated again. One of my friends was still in my room.

I translocated myself to my school, and I suffered such a loss of lucidity that I entered my classroom, sat in my desk, and paid attention to the class lesson. Suddenly, I stood up and said to myself "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" I left the classroom, did some deepening, and threw my backpack away. A friend came up to me and said, "hey, your backpack!" I told him, "you can have it".

I can’t remember what happened next. I probably fell asleep (M.R.: no maintaining). The next thing I remember is that I was at a car-wash station. I had a bottle in my hands and started to experiment with it. I poured the bottle onto the floor while trying to feel the bottle still filled up with water. As a result, I had a bottomless bottle in my hands…

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