Jorge Antonio Becerra Perea

Hidalgo, México

I got conscious during a dream when I was about to go upstairs at home, just after a false awakening. The stairs where so freaking scrambled that I immediately got lucid. Suddenly, lucid dreaming faded out, and before I could realize what was happening, I went back to the dream. I appeared in the middle of a huge street (M.R.: no deepening). I didn’t have any plan, because I was not expecting this experience, and so instead of thinking about it I decided to explore running and jumping between cars and buildings in a kind of extreme parkour style.

It had been one of the most vivid and fun lucid dreaming experiences I have ever had. I have no words to describe the feeling of complete freedom I had at those moments. After exploring half of the entire city (I was running really fast) I started to have some serious problems with lucid dreaming stability, and so I decided to awaken by myself before falling into a normal dream and losing the precious memories of this experience (M.R.: wrong logic).

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