Johnny Asmussen

Silkeborg, Denmark

I woke up one morning without moving or opening my eyes, and it was a very good feeling. I then thought to myself that I should do my indirect technique. But instead, I said to myself, “Try to leave your body”, and I thought that I would sit up on my bedside. I was lying on my back, but I had not yet moved at all, and so I decided to give it my all and thought, "Just do it!" Almost immediately, I was sitting up on my bedside.

I knew that I hadn’t moved at all because I never get out of my bed that fast; it happened in a blink of an eye.

In my enjoyment of total freedom, I forgot my plan of action, and I forgot the most important thing to do next – deepening. While sitting there, I turned my head to look at my body, just to be 120% sure that I was out of my body. Just before, I had looked down at my bed (M.R.: wrong reality check). I woke up looking at the ceiling in my "real" body (M.R.: no re-entering).

It was short, it was quick, but it was lucid dreaming. I am hooked for life!

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