John Merritt

Houston, USA

A friend of mine found A Practical Guidebook on the net and sent me the link. I read the book, and soon it finally happened.

I went to sleep around 10 or 11 and woke up at 4. I stayed up for 30 minutes and lay back down. I started meditating, and then going over the techniques and separation in my mind. I fell into a free floating state, going in and out of consciousness. I started observing images. And soon vibrations started. I had already experienced vibrations once or twice. The first time I felt them I was scared and they went away after a few seconds. The second time I tried to intensify them and it seemed to work for a few seconds, but then again nothing. This time I used straining the brain and the vibrations got stronger and stronger. And this time I didn’t lose them. They intensified and came to a crescendo, and when they were over, I felt different. My next thought was I was already separated from my body. All I had to do was just stand up! And I was right.

I rose up out of my body and sat up and stepped off the bed and I was out! I hadn’t really planned what I would do (M.R.: no deepening and no plan of action). The room was dark, and my first thought was to turn on a light. I was in my bedroom so I walked into the bathroom in my bedroom and flipped the light switch on. Nothing. I vaguely thought to myself, “maybe the light is burned out”, so I walked out into the hallway and into the other upstairs bathroom and turned on that light switch. Again nothing. But I remembered then from reading lucid dreaming books that light switches don’t work in dreams. And since I was in my astral body turning on the light switch wasn’t going to work either.

I decided to go back to my bed and look at myself. I ran into the room saw my bed and literally jumped up on the footboard and looked. And there I was. Or there my body was. And it was the most incredible feeling I’d ever experienced in my life. I was outside my body and I knew it. I was wide awake, fully conscious, with all my essence, memories, all of me. But there it was asleep on the bed. My physical body. I even saw one of my arms jerk a little. After that I felt the need to verify what had just happened, and see if I could remember it. Soon I was back in my body and wide awake (M.R.: no re-entering). And it was true. It had really happened. At last I had done it. And it was real. And I remembered every second of it.

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