John Merritt

Houston, USA

I already had a few successes with astral projection, but they hadn’t lasted long, and I had never made it out of my house. I consulted with a friend and she told me there was a sort of gravity that tended to pull you back into your body if you stayed too close to it, and that what she did was try to immediately leave the location of the physical body so that the pull would be weaker.

So, I set my intentions on leaving my house as quickly as possible on my next successful attempt. After a few days I had a projection. And I remembered that I had wanted to get out of the house this time, and so as soon as I rose up off the bed I started running down the hall, down the stairs, and to the front door. I opened the door (or at least it felt like I opened the door) and ran outside. I had done it. Within seconds of leaving my body, I made it outside the house. I hadn’t really planned what I would do once outside and I just started running through the yard and towards the street. I happened to look back toward the house, and I saw a couple of little red eyes in the darkness. And those eyes were moving too! I could see that it (whatever it was) was running too, and I was afraid that it was running after me! I got scared and immediately found myself back in my body (M.R.: no maintaining and no re-entering).

This projection was special because it was the first time I was able to leave the house and the first time I encountered another entity while outside my body.

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