New York, USA

I woke up not trying to move but that was unsuccessful. I decided to try some cycles anyway and began with phantom wiggling. To my surprise I felt my body go into sleep paralysis and get numb (M.R.: no separation). Then I switched to listening in, but then I decided to try and separate by rolling over. There was resistance, but it ended up working and I stood up. I was skeptical as to whether I was really in lucid dreaming, even though I have had lots of experiences before. I guess it was because the transition between waking and dreaming never felt so conscious and self-induced before. Not to mention that it only took about one minute.

I hear my mother in the kitchen. I did a reality check by trying to put my right index finger through my left palm. It was a struggle, but it worked – so I know I am in lucid dreaming. I walk out into the kitchen and my mother says good morning, I give her a kiss on the cheek and continue down the hallway (M.R.: no plan of action). I touch the walls as I am walking to stabilize the experience, even though I don’t need to. It’s pretty dark inside the house but I can see that it is sunny outside. I am in my shirt and boxers, although normally I just go outside and clothes appear on me without me noticing.

I open the front door and see all of the upstairs neighbors outside on the porch. I close the door back just to double check that I am phasing before I go outside in my boxers, I do the reality check and it works again, so I go outside. By this time the neighbors were going upstairs. It is indeed sunny outside and there is a little kid outside sort of nagging me, but I ignore him. I half-heartedly try to create a portal and teleport by going through the floor but neither of those work. I walk down the block and I try this hopping thing that I read about to get around faster, but I don’t like it. I fly upwards and don’t have much control… I keep going higher and higher and have to grab on to these power lines to prevent me from leaving the atmosphere.

It was a long lucid dreaming and for some reason I lost a chunk of memory here (M.R.: no maintaining). I don’t remember where I landed, I remember bits and pieces but my memory kicks in when I am in a department store and I see a guy that looks familiar. I ask him, "don’t I know you?" He shakes his head “no” and keeps walking. He looks suspicious so I keep an eye on him. He meets with another guy and he points at me and they start running after me. I duck behind some people as they run by and I go the other way. I go out of an emergency exit expecting the alarm to sound, but it doesn’t. There are two locked gates leading to stairs that go to the roof. I melt through both gates and go to the roof. I fly away and they come out and start flying after me. I use mental energy to fly faster but it isn’t enough. We battle for a while, and then I end up in a portal inside some sort of spaceship.

I am driving it through these tunnels that remind me of the Matrix. I crash into the walls a little but for the most part I am good. I pull up into the place that these tunnels lead to. This part is boring so I will skip it.

I walk out of this building and I am in a cityscape full of people. I walk down this block and my vision gets sort of different, almost movie like. I walk in this hotel lobby and people are sitting around. I decide to look for someone to have to sex with to end the experience because I want to remember everything. All of the females around are either not attractive or too young. I look back at the hotel door and there is a lady looking at me but she turns away quickly. I was curious why she was looking at me and who she was so I go outside. She is kind of in a panic running towards a black van. I run after her and pull open the door before they pull off. There is a guy in the driver’s seat and she is crying in the passenger’s seat. She said that when my friend got his promotion (from the boring part of the experience I skipped earlier) she was forced to set him up and that this is the guy that made her do it. I started punching him in lucid dreaming and this caused me to lose my proper frame of mind to maintain and I woke up (M.R.: no re-entering).

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