New York, USA

I wake up to slight consciousness and I’m unsure if I have moved or not. My first thought is to go back to sleep, but then I decide to try to enter lucid dreaming. I apply forced falling asleep and immediately start to feel vibrations. They fluctuate between strong and mild and I start to feel them subside. I then remember what I always tell myself: if I get vibrations, then I’m already in lucid dreaming. So I try to roll out of my body… There is resistance, but I am able to do it.

I stand up in my current apartment and it is completely dark. As I am walking to the front door, I try to put my right index finger through my left palm to make sure I am in lucid dreaming. It works, and so I open the door to the hallway but it looks nothing like my actual hall. It is still very dim and there is another gentleman there. I point to different areas and say the word “lights”, and sure enough, one-by-one they come on. I keep touching things to engage the senses as I am walking. I walk into a room with a young boy in it and he is watching TV. I think about my plan of action and remember that I wanted to try the teleportation technique in SOBT. I had previously been teleporting by melting through the floor but it was unreliable and I would end up in darkness sometimes. I had read in Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming that closing your eyes in a dream can cause you to wake up, but I figured that if Michael does it all the time then this isn’t fact.

I ask the boy where should I go… to a football game? He says yes, but then I figure that since I have never actually been to a football game, I should go to a basketball game instead. I close my eyes and concentrate on where I wanted to go. I start to feel movement and even get the feeling you get when going down a huge drop on a rollercoaster. When the movement stops, I open my eyes. It has worked, and I am standing in the middle of an arena while a basketball game is going on. I take a step onto the court and immediately the referee blows the whistle to stop the game and get me off of the court. I go sit in the stands and began talking to one of the prettier girls. I don’t remember what we were talking about, but after a short while she wants to exit the main arena and go towards the concession stands and bathrooms. You can guess where the rest of the experience went.

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