Jaime Munoz LundquistOrange County, USA

My first out-of-body experience was very dramatic. I fell asleep around 4-5am. I experienced a sensation all over my body, I was in a meditative state of sleep, but at the same time I was aware of what was going on with me. I had this feeling of a tingling sensation all over my body followed by paralysis.

Suddenly I found myself levitating from the bed and wound up in a standing position. I got very scared and started praying, asking the lord to protect me. Then I got back into my body, quick like a flash. When I woke up I had this feeling like I needed to understand what just happened to me. I did some research and I was told that you can travel places, and go to the moon so I couldn’t wait to try again. That day, I was feeling so good with myself, I felt I have discovered something new and exciting!

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