Is This for Me?

This book is for everyone who wants to teach out-of-body travel and lucid dreaming to friends, family, or study groups.

It’s for those who simply want to bring this idea to the masses and those who want to make some money doing so (and pretty good money at that).

It’s for leaders of groups studying other practices who want to bring their group-mates new attainments, as well as those who devote their labor to this phenomenon alone.

Our aim is to make this a routine, everyday phenomenon of modern civilization. The existence of a critical mass of people interested in spreading it could greatly facilitate our task. In addition, the free availability of these instructions will let people who tried to teach this phenomenon without having the requisite knowledge do something else besides discrediting it. There are no strings attached – though giving credit to and citing this source is appreciated. Simply help yourself and follow our instructions as closely as you can, and you’ll touch many lives by giving people what they have always dreamed of – the opportunity to live in two worlds.

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