The degree of enthusiasm that is devoted to any pursuit is directly related to successfully reaching a goal. However, it is very important to know when to ease up, especially with the delicate matter of lucid dreaming entry. One attempt per day using a direct technique is sufficient. If more attempts are made, the quality of each attempt will suffer considerably.

Interesting Fact!

Many approach direct techniques as if digging a ditch: the more – the faster and the better. The result: dozens of attempts that yield no fruit.

A lot of practitioners believe that dozens of attempts over the course of a day will yield lucid dreaming. This is not the path to success and will quickly lead to disillusionment with the practice. Even if after a week or a month no results are seen, direct techniques should be attempted only once daily (2-3 days per week). Persistent, analytical, and sensible, stubborn resolve to practice properly will produce the desired effect.

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