People probably overestimate themselves and others on a regular basis. That’s why new instructors often try to impress the audience with their vast knowledge and ability to go into technical details. After all, isn’t that what people came for and that what they need? It’s actually a big mistake. Everything is just the opposite. The amount of information given out has no effect at all on the opinion of the audience or the seminar’s success rate. Various studies have shown that the impression a speaker gives is based 60% on his appearance, 30% on how he talks, and only 10% on what he says. There’s why there are so many popular and respected instructors in various fields openly teaching nonsense. The entire problem lies in the fact that people follow their instincts no matter what. It’s not so big a deal as long as you are simply aware of it and try to use it to your own advantage by employing various tricks to make people as effective as possible at mastering the methods.

That’s why a highly-educated person who has come in to learn how to obtain information from his subconscious mind using out-of-body experience suddenly goes bonkers once he realizes that there are unlimited possibilities for sexual gratification in out-of-body experience. That’s why you need to toss people hints (i.e. throw them a bone) and watch how they come to the solution themselves (i.e. fetch it and bring it back to you). That’s why the number one priority isn’t to teach the techniques, but to motivate the students. That’s why people will find the techniques that they came in to learn boring. Keep a student’s most basic human instincts in mind and satisfy them to bring him a high level of success in his practice.

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