Incomplete Performance of the Techniques

Another widespread problem is incomplete performance of the techniques. No less than 75% of practitioners who are learning using my techniques suffer from this. It’s interesting to note that 75% of them do so deliberately. Friend, you’ll see later on that you need not perform superhuman feats in order to achieve the astral plane state. As far as the indirect techniques are concerned, you just need perform a simple algorithm of actions upon awakening. Just complete everything that you are required to do in full. And perform everything just as it is described.

Let’s observe a few examples of incomplete performance of the techniques. We’ll start with cycles of indirect techniques – the one universal astral travel entrance technique-based technology. It entails the completion, upon awakening, of no less than 4 cycles of techniques for a total of 9-15 seconds each, until a technique works. For some reason, many think that the proscribed minimum of 4 cycles does not apply to them. And so they do 1 or 2 cycles…. Like the time at one of my seminars when two men of about the same age sat next to each-other, both in the neighborhood of 45 years old. This was the second session, and they spoke about what they had been doing, and how things were going for them. The first man said that he had started by doing 2 cycles during one attempt, but then seeing as nothing was working, he decided to stop right there, even though I had said the previous afternoon to do 4 cycles. I had repeated it again and again… The second gentleman had also started by doing two cycles and nothing worked for him either. But he then started to do a third cycle, just like I had said to do. Then, one of the techniques worked like a charm during the fourth cycle, and he was able to leave his body. However, if he had done everything like his neighbor in the classroom, then nothing would have happened for him either… I have introduced this example only because I remember it quite well, as two people sitting next to one another sharply contrasted in their approach to what they were told to do.

People also very often forget when performing indirect techniques to first try to separate, and only then do cycles. With direct techniques, people also tend to forget about the free-floating state of mind, though without it there’s no point in expecting anything, as I always point out early on.

Sometimes incomplete performance of techniques happens not because of a person’s psychology, but out of an inability to complete a task. For example, with indirect techniques, it’s very important to awaken without moving. Many are simply unable to keep themselves from moving. However, achieving this only requires practice. Not only that, but many also forget that if they wake up to their body moving, then they should nevertheless still make an attempt at separation. Sure, their odds are lower than usual, but are still quite high.

By and far, we could go on forever about the different ways in which people fail to fully perform techniques. I only wanted to tell you, friend, to try to fully implement all of the techniques. Each sentence and every word in the sections on techniques has been vetted by years of classroom instruction and has much more weight than a cursory glance would imply.

You see, in taking this book into your hands, you may mistakenly assume it be yet another work on some-odd occult or esoteric practice, in which everything is vaguely described and the majority of details are literally left up to the reader. Do not take such an approach to this book under any circumstances. Everything here is already well known, there’s no reason to shroud this practice in a cloud of secrecy. You have clear instructions right here in front of you. Just follow them.

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