In Closing

Dear friend, you may be somewhat surprised to see "In Closing" here instead of "Introduction". This is no misprint. The lines of this book will close out the life you have led thus far. You have in front of you a gap-closing, cutting-edge and conscious-awareness raising technology that will allow you to complete your transformation into the new era. Its modernized, secular approach to these ancient technologies brings conscious awareness outside of the physical world within everyone’s reach.

The difficultly of the task ahead consists of nothing more than performing specific actions that will show you the existence of another world, one more lucid and realistic than the one you experience while in your physical body. This task is made difficult by the fact that many would never have come to believe in this phenomenon, one that turns upside down our understanding of conscious awareness and our plane of existence, had they not first experienced it for themselves.

Thanks to the development of simple technical instruments, the practice of freeing one’s conscious awareness from the body opens up the widest-possible horizons and is the most promising personal development technology in existence. I say this for the simple reason there is nothing more useful and provocative out there. This is the long-awaited next step in human evolutionary development. The explosive propagation of this practice will also be the trigger for the 2012 transformation.

Experiencing this phenomenon can be compared only with being born into another body, into another life. And that’s exactly how it is. So if this world has dealt you a life situation beyond your control, you can be born again there and live only through willful acts and the power of your conscious awareness.

After just one visit there in the new world, you’ll understand how gray your former life was, how pale were its hues, and meager its possibilities. And you’ll feel how that low, invisible glass-ceiling you’ve been living under all your life disappears, that one you’ve always prayed didn’t exist and tried to wish away. But now it will truly be broken and you’ll feel an incredible lightness of being from knowing that your world has become thousands of times richer and wider, and that you’ve left the confines of that little cubbyhole that you used to call existence. It’s quite possible that you’ll be one of the first in your circle of friends to have made this transformation into the new era. However, the world will gradually catch up with you, and life will become far easier and more interesting for all.

Friend, I have good news for you: abstractions of the above kind will make no further appearance in this book. I’ll be giving you just a bit of introductory background information, and then nothing but specific techniques that you can take action with. It only remains for you to perform them several times in order to once and for all break the chains of that slave-like perception of the world – a captivity you are in but can’t recognize as such, as you have nothing to compare it to. Who has never tasted sweet, knows not what is bitter. Just give it several tries, and your conscious awareness will obtain true sensory experience in a world that is new and has been thus far concealed from you. And that’s just the beginning. Let’s get to it.

Michael Raduga

Founder of the School of Out-of-Body Travel

March 16, 2010

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