Imagined movement

Testing Individual Effectiveness. Upon awakening, without first moving your body or opening your eyes, try to feel some imagined movement for 3 to 5 seconds. For example, this may be running, pulling a rope, etc. If no result occurs after several seconds, switch to another technique. If the sensation of movement is feeble, or the feeling of being in two bodies at once arises, keep with the technique and increase the degree of realism of the sensation as high as possible: to the level of real feeling. At that moment, the imagined sensation will become dominant, and you can try to separate from your body, as you’ll be already in lucid dreaming. When implementing this technique, spontaneous translocation often occurs to some place or another – after which separation is already unnecessary.

Training. In order to practice the technique, lie down with your eyes closed in a dark room and try to feel, as authentically as possible, imagined movement of various kinds: swimming freestyle, running, power-walking, pedaling with your hands and feet, pulling rope, rubbing your hands together in front you, etc. Such training will help you to learn to quickly create the intention of feeling a specific sensation, which will play a key role right when it counts.

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