I’m 30

Maybe, this is the last year for Michael Raduga as you know him. The phase needs me in another direction

The last current projects:

– translating the guidebook for OBE teachers into English (will be free online)
– translating book ‘The Phase’ into Chinese (will be free online)
– full version of the documentary ‘The Phase’
– new sistem for opening branches of the School of Out-of-Body Travel

After this, everything will work without me and I will be able to do something else.

детская (568x800)

Results of 20 to 30 yo:

Researches: http://research.obe4u.com/
The book: http://obe4u.com/about/free-ebook/
Videos: http://obe4u.com/about/video/
Website: http://obe4u.com/
Forum board: http://forum.obe4u.com/
School: http://school.obe4u.com/
+ enormous amount of experiments, hundreds mass media appearances, millions people involved into the topic etc.

I consider it all as preparation for the next steps. So it’s just the beginning;)

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