Hypnosis and Suggestion

Hypnosis is a little-studied method of entering lucid dreaming. The idea is that a hypnotist is able to cause a person to enter lucid dreaming through suggestion or affirmation. There is no doubt that hypnosis is an interesting concept, especially for persons who easily yield to power of suggestion. However, such individuals account for only 1% of the population.

Due to specific characteristics of human perception, the chances are nil that hypnosis is a likely conduit to lucid dreaming entrance. So, it seems unlikely that hypnotic techniques will become well-known, or that a top-notch hypnotist would, through suggestion, easily be able to lead a subject directly into lucid dreaming.

However, it is completely feasible that hypnotic suggestion may promote increased frequency of dream consciousness or awakening without moving (and remembering to do indirect techniques). Here again, this method is only a facilitator, while actual lucid dreaming entrance depends on the efforts of the practitioner.

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