Human Evolution – The Next Step

Human Evolution

What would happen if we combined three excerpts: one from a biblical appearance of God, one from an alien abduction story, and one from a near-death experience testimony?

…In thoughts from the visions of the night, when deep sleep falleth on me, fear came upon me, and trembling, which made all my bones to shake. Then I heard a voice say, “We have come for you… You will not be hurt.” I could feel myself moving out of my body and sliding down between the mattress and the rail on the side of the bed-actually it seemed as if I went through the rail-on down to the floor. Then, I started rising upward, slowly…

Having had thousands of my own out-of-body experiences and having analyzed those of thousands of others, I can definitively state that the above would be a classic example of a first-time phase experience typical for novices. But how human evolution is related to it?

It’s very likely that such phenomena are very closely interrelated. It’s possible that they are of one nature. And that’s not considering hundreds of mystical and occult schools in which the same practice, under the most diverse names, stands apart from all the others as the pinnacle of development.

A few words on the mass scale of the phenomenon, which is not without importance. One person in four has experienced leaving their body upon falling asleep or waking up. One in three has experienced sleep paralysis at least once. One in two has reported having become conscious while dreaming. And everyone has encountered this hundreds of times in a superficial or unrecognized form. For example, up to a third of all actions and sensations upon awakening are not real. And how many times have you woken up, done something, and then gone back to sleep, not even suspecting that none of this occurred in the physical world?

By all accounts this is clearly a mass phenomenon, an ability inherent in each person. I can vouch for this as I am able to teach anyone to have an out-of-body experience.

A New Stage of Human Evolution in the Evolution of Consciousness

Human Evolution

This ability of ours has always accompanied us, influencing us all the while. But it wasn’t until now that we have looked in the right direction and finally seen this elephant in the room, a hitherto secret phenomenon confounding the minds of millions. Isn’t it time we recognized its due and logical role as the common denominator of a long list of phenomena that had until now always seemed unrelated? Wouldn’t the world become simpler, and wouldn’t we then understand ourselves much better?

As it turned out, certain commonalities of several completely different, but hitherto uncompared, phenomena became clear and straightforward to me, thanks to both my activities and personal experience in the field. I couldn’t but conclude that there was some common denominator at work.

Man has extraordinary ability to adapt and that is why the human evolution happens. Although it’s hard to imagine now, just several thousand years ago our consciousness and self-awareness looked totally different. They simply did not exist in their now familiar form. What is going on today can be alternatively interpreted as either natural evolution or social (cultural) evolution.

It’s entirely possible that conscious awareness, once having developed and then having proceeded to consume our entire waking life, is actually evolving into those states of consciousness where it would seem to have been impossible: those occurring while our body is asleep. To put it bluntly, consciousness ran out of room in our waking mind and continues its expansion into the brain. There is only one piece of evidence of this process: half of all people report experiencing 100% conscious awareness flaring up into their dreams.

Meanwhile, another take on the origin of the out-of-body phenomenon looks to fundamental transformations in science and culture. Even three or four hundred years ago, the average level of intelligence was hardly one-half of what it is today. Thanks to modern education systems, enormous floods of information, and lightning-fast communication, our conscious minds have had to use their resources to their full capacities. Perhaps those capacities are not enough. Our craniums are overfull, and perhaps that’s why consciousness is overflowing to where it seemingly wasn’t meant to be or couldn’t have been. With the overloads introduced by modern society, it simply has nowhere left to go. That’s why spontaneous dissociation when awakening and throughout dreaming occurs increasingly often. It also happened in the past, but rarely. But now it’s taking on an incessant nature.

By all accounts, we are now at the breakthrough stage of a new era: the entrenchment of a new state of mind and consciousness, which has become the next logical outcome of human evolution.

Children, with their predisposition for out-of-body experiences, deserve special attention. Most adults simply forget that having out-of-body experiences was the norm for them during early childhood. I’ve met many people over the course of my practice who remember how often it happened for them at an early age. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with children who maintain that they were able to do it on command before they could even speak, but that later it started happening increasingly rarely with age and that they gradually forgot about it. This speaks either for the natural evolution of consciousness, or, conversely, for regression…

Either way, we may turn our attention to this new state of consciousness that we have. And it has possibly just begun to develop. If earlier we only had three primary and completely different states – wakefulness, REM sleep, and non-REM sleep – then now we have something in-between wakefulness and REM that includes features of both. The first steps in scientifically proving the existence of this state were taken by Stephen LaBerge at Stanford University in the beginning of the 1980s. A successful experiment was conducted regarding consciousness while dreaming. Meanwhile, today it is clear that the experiment’s result has implications for a far greater number of phenomena. It has become fully apparent that consciousness while dreaming is practically the same thing as out-of-body travel, but that it occurs as a result of different method. And we have already identified spontaneous exit from the body in a whole slew of phenomena.

However, when you see the word “dreaming” in the context of all of the above, don’t think that experiencing the phenomenon itself feels like being in a dream. We have identified a whole number of cases in which super-realistic sensations made people think that they were dying, seeing God, or encountering aliens. The term “hyper-realism” is often brought in to describe the experience: in most exits from the body, every sensation is so heightened that the physical world seems like a faint dream in comparison.

I have no interest at all in discussing where we actually go when we leave our bodies. My task is only to inform people of the opportunity to do so and to teach them how to take advantage of it. Meanwhile, practitioners can decide for themselves what is actually going on. Some believe that they are travelling in spirit form through the physical world. Others hold that their soul travels about parallel worlds. Still others consider it all to be only a mental state.

The Future of Human Evolution

Human Evolution

It is entirely possible that we will all be living in two worlds within a certain period of time. In fact, practitioners of out-of-body travel and lucid dreaming already do. But here we’re not discussing the practice, but rather an ordinary ability that will be completely normal for us.

For example, when someone goes to bed in the evening or in the afternoon, he will easily be able to leave his body immediately and then do a whole number of interesting things. And before morning awakening, he will sometimes be able to consciously spend time outside of his physical body, and then return to it. Practically speaking, we would have 2 to 3 extra hours in our lives each day. Considering the hypertrophied perception of time outside of the body, those two hours would be more like a double life. We should call it nothing other than living in two worlds at once. And this will be a completely ordinary phenomenon.

How long will this process take and when will it become natural for all of humanity? Perhaps a few decades. Maybe a century or another millennium. That means that in any case we will have to wait for the passing of a number of generations for this ability to become inborn and normal for everyone. However, thanks to technique-based procedures it is already accessible to all. It only requires a certain amount of effort. All of the instructions are available on my website at

The next step of human evolution will lead us to use this skill for the most diverse purposes, which are already a reality for out-of-body travel practitioners: travelling in time and space; meeting any person, living or deceased; obtaining information; self-healing; artistic applications, entertainment, and much more. In essence, a new world is opening up in front of us, the one which we read about in fairy tales. It is limitless and ideal, there all things are possible and accessible. And this is all with full conscious awareness and with bodily perceptions more vivid than in the physical world. Perhaps this is heaven itself?

Some believe that we enter some parallel world when exiting the body, one where everything is controlled by informational fields and other such things. A pragmatic position would lean more in favor of calling it a newly developing mental state and for all events in it being controlled by our own exceedingly powerful subconscious, which wields fantastic computational resources. No supercomputer has a fraction of the computational power of our own subconscious mind. Seeing it in action will electrify you. This is such a profound state that the ancients seemed to have ascribed its occurrence to God. This was nearly directly alluded to in key Bible verses that specify the ideal time for having a spontaneous out-of-body experience:

(Book of Job, Chapter 33)
14 For God speaketh once, yea twice, [yet man] perceiveth it not.
15 In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed;
16 Then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction…

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