How Much You Can Earn

One of the aims in creating these instructions was to financially motivate people to spread knowledge of out-of-body experience. It’s therefore worth mentioning what the financial prospects are in doing so. The instructor should be able to make at least half the (if not the entire) average local monthly salary, and that’s even if he only does a couple of things right in getting an audience together. Whether he sees it as his main line of work or as just a side job, half the average local monthly salary is the minimum he needs to make to be taken seriously as an instructor.

The extremely high income upper boundary can be considered a big plus of being in this business. Depending on the format of the seminar and kind of audience, people routinely make twice and three times the average local salary. Meanwhile, holding well-organized events over the course of even a few weeks can net an organizer the average person’s annual income, a nice new car, and sometimes much more. And this is for hard work that benefits society, and not snake oil or pyramid schemes. Everything depends solely on you and your desires, goals, and ambitions.

With a correct approach, the potential of out-of-body experience is enormous – everyone can find something exciting in it. Sooner or later it will be the world’s most popular practice and an everyday phenomenon. This means that everyone is a potential student, and there are 7 billion people on this planet.

In some cases instructors will suffer setbacks, and their seminars will barely stay "in the black". This is always a result of mistakes when promoting the event, a certain element of laziness, or not being motivated to do a good job in the first place. Many new instructors and organizers are under the impression that people will materialize out of thin air to fill huge auditoriums. They forget that large audiences require hard work, creativity, time, and energy. No less than 80% of turnout depends on the work you put in to it. You cannot but succeed if you intensively promote your services.

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