How Much Information Should Be Taught

The most detailed and modern description of techniques for mastering out-of-body experience state (out-of-body experiences and lucid dreams) can always be found in the free guide from the OOBE Research Center entitled out-of-body experience. That book contains hundreds of useful tips and facts, and is the most informative work in the field. However, the fact that it goes into so much detail on the techniques does not mean that all of it needs to be taught during the lessons.

Both the students and the instructor himself may use the book out-of-body experience to further their personal practices. During training sessions, dwell upon only the simplest and most important items. This holds true for nearly all teaching formats, unless one is working with advanced practitioners.

If the goal is to really get people to learn, then there is no sense in overwhelming them with details and detracting from what’s most important. New instructors often think that their students will see them as high-level and high-status practitioners if they give out a large number of techniques. What this actually leads to is pretty-boring and hardly effective lessons that accomplish the exact opposite of what the instructor had set out to do.

To steer clear of such situations, this instruction book contains only the most important information regarding the techniques, and even that information is divided into two groups: need-to-know and nice-to-know. The information in the "nice-to-know" category has been pared down as much as possible. In any case, the instructor can easily find "nice-to-know" information in the book out-of-body experience.

The less detail you go into on the techniques, the better the students will learn them, because you will have more time to devote to the big picture on each one. The less time you devote to finer points of technique, the more time you’ll have left to teach people analysis and get them highly motivated to practice.

Being able to focus on what’s most important is the hallmark of a successful teacher. That’s why you should start with teaching the fundamentals and gradually increase the complexity of the material in keeping with the students’ length of study and level of proficiency.

All of the essentials for teaching are broken up into concise modules. It only remains to structure these modules in accordance with the appropriate training-session format. The instructor needs only follow these well-honed and tried-and-true instructions to achieve incredibly amazing results. Deviating from these instructions often imperils the instructor’s success rate.

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