Hooking onto lucid dreaming

Another interesting method of “maintaining” is hooking onto lucid dreaming. In the event of an impending foul, grab onto an object in lucid dreaming actively palpate or squeeze it. Even if a return to the body occurs during this technique, the hands will continue to hold lucid dreaming object and the physical hands will not be perceived. Beginning with these phantom feelings in the hands, separation from the body is possible. Any nearby object may be hooked: the leg of a chair, a drinking glass, a doorknob, a stone, or a stick. If there is nothing to grab hold of, clasp the hands together or bite down on a lip or the tongue.

Two rules apply to using the techniques that help to resist a lucid dream exit. First of all, never think that lucid dreaming might end and result in a return to the body; thoughts like this are like programming that immediately send the practitioner to a wakened physical state. Secondly, do not think about the physical body. Doing so will also instantly return the practitioner to the body, every time.

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