Healing Others

In addition to self-healing, lucid dreaming state of the mind also provides some possibilities for having an influence on the health of others.

It’s not news that most people are firstly interested not in self-healing, but in helping others. This is understandable, as perhaps they have loved ones who are for whatever reason unable to use lucid dreaming, or are extremely negatively prejudiced against such things. Perhaps the reader of this book is a professional who treats diseases in non-traditional ways, or is a novice healer himself.

It is well to first emphasize that only one of the wide variety of theoretical ways to have an influence on another person in lucid dreaming is proven and absolutely practicable, and it is techniques for obtaining information. While the effects of all the other techniques on the practitioner himself are beyond doubt and have been proven experimentally, their influence on other people remains theoretical – as of yet, no one has been able to prove remote influence on another person in a controlled experiment. For example, if you find a friend in lucid dreaming and give him some medicine, the effect of that medicine on him will remain theoretical.

It is important to realize that trying to employ anything but the technique for obtaining information risks time and energy being spent in vain. Some certainly will claim to have proven that it is possible to have a direct affect on another person through lucid dreaming. However, only what each and every person can accomplish – literally from the first time – will be discussed here. Whatever the case may be, it can be definitively stated here that either influencing another person remotely is impossible, as few have reported results, or it simply remains unclear how to do it. Either way, in embarking upon such hitherto unproven experiments, one does so at one’s own risk and peril. If remote influence through lucid dreaming nevertheless shows itself to be working, then it is already the practitioner himself who will have to know what needs to be added so that the impact on the other person brings stable results.

One’s theoretical view on the nature of lucid dreaming phenomenon will play an enormous role in one’s choice of a course of action. The materialist will not have any way of helping another person besides obtaining information. The occultist is hardly likely to encounter barriers to his practice. This is a choice for each person to make. It should be understood that even if other techniques allow some influence on others, the results are clearly far from stable – as many will doubt the results due to a lack of empirical evidence, and not out of their own views or theories. That very lack of empirical evidence forbears a definitive statement here. Scientific experiments have delivered no confirmation to date.

Of course, if one wishes to help another person, there is another proven way to do so besides obtaining information: convincing him to practice lucid dreaming and employ the appropriate techniques for self-healing himself. From a pragmatic point of view on the phenomenon, this is a much surer way than trying to influence another person from lucid dreaming.

The technique of obtaining information will be of help for the practitioner who has decided to heal another person. This technique is described in detail in this book, along with how to use it. The only difference is that information must be sought on a particular person, and not on oneself. The practitioner may learn not only how to provide treatment in real-life, but also how to obtain a comprehensive diagnosis.

It works like this: using the technique for obtaining information, one finds a specialist who will help deal with the problem that one’s acquaintance is experiencing. One then speaks with this doctor about how to help him, about what can be done in reality, and so on… lucid dreaming doctor’s prescriptions and/or advice are then relayed to the person for whom they were obtained. Alternatively, the entire lucid dreaming experience is related to the person in need.

From a materialist point of view, it is necessary to note the fact that far from everyone can be helped using lucid dreaming. Without going into detailed explanations, it will simply be stated that the more one knows about a person, the more one will be able to find out about him in lucid dreaming. Even if one has only seen the person’s picture, it is possible that one will nonetheless find out something about him, and be able to help him in some way. But if one knows this person personally, then the amount of information obtained about him through lucid dreaming will increase drastically. A practitioner should at least talk for a short while with a person before attempting to obtain information in lucid dreaming about his health, or treatment methods best suited to his condition.

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