Healing Myself

After one of many morning awakenings, I hadn’t moved at all physically, and immediately began trying to separate from the body. I realized after a couple of seconds of trying that separation would not happen right then, and so I peered into the void before my eyes, trying to discern any images. There weren’t any, and so after a few seconds I started with phantom wiggling, which manifested itself somewhat in the feet: both feet inched up somewhat, and them came back down. Meanwhile, my ears were filled with a soft noise, and there was a slight “buzz” in my body.

I tried to increase the amplitude of the motion for 5 to 10 seconds, but was still unable to achieve anything. In order to overcome this barrier of some sorts, I decided to switch to the technique of observing images for some time, and then continue with phantom wiggling. However, the images came on so strong that I realized that I could skip phantom wiggling, as it would be much easier to simply use the images. Before my mind’s eye appeared a river, and behind it a steep hill wooded with tall trees. I began to peer into it, trying to take in the whole picture. It immediately became sharper and sharper. I realized after 2 to 4 seconds that I was viewing the picture just as if from a window in real life. As soon as that realization came, I rolled out of my body and into the room.

I quickly got to my feet and started palpating and trying to see. My vision returned at once. lucid dreaming was sufficiently deep that I could see everything as clearly as in reality. Meanwhile, using the deepening techniques led to everything becoming much more visually intense and colorful than I was accustomed to in real life. This startled me a bit. The thought of returning to the body even flashed through my mind, but I was able to overcome it, and immediately concentrated on the goals that I had set: treating high blood pressure, conducting an experiment on the viscosity of fluids, and some items of fun to improve my mood.

I opened the door of my wardrobe, which in reality contained a box of medicines. I looked for the drug that was to help me lower my blood pressure or at least make it easier to deal with my condition. Delving into the package, I took out the various tubes of ointments, packages, and spray-cans, peering at them in order to maintain lucid dreaming. I also tried to figure out what the medicines were, and whether or not I needed them.

It took some time, as for 15 to 20 seconds I couldn’t find anything worthwhile. Then I suddenly pulled out some blue bottle with pills. On it was written, "LifeMix – Life without Hypertension. All the best products in one". This was very close to what I was looking for, so I immediately took two tablets, chewed them, and swallowed. They were awfully bitter and distasteful. At one point, that bitter taste even made me forget that I was in lucid dreaming and that I definitely needed to do something to keep it from being over. Instead of letting that happen, I bent down and covered my face with my hands.

Suddenly, a strange wave of unusual sensations coursed through my body. My head and entire face started to fill up with blood, causing swelling in my lips, nose, cheeks, and eyelids. It goes without saying that this was an unpleasant sensation. It was more than unusual. This was especially true of the sensations I felt inside my head. It was as if it were heating up and expanding. I figured at that point that I had done something wrong.

As soon as I thought that, I felt as if a balloon filled with cold water had burst in my head. Here the heat turned to cold, and my head and body "decompressed" back down to size. I felt an uncommon lightness and freshness inside. I had the sensation of having tapped a new reserve of strength and life-energy.

In order to not have to search for that blue bottle again, I set it on the right corner of the lower shelf. Afterwards, I decided to cement the effect by performing a physical exercise that had always caused pain in my head due to heightened blood pressure. I ran into the hallway and sat on the floor, with my back against one wall and feet towards the other. I pushed off with my legs while pressing my back against this wall, thus simulating bearing a physical load. All the while, I tried to peer at all around me, concentrating on my position. The wall wouldn’t give, and I had to make Herculean efforts to somehow straighten my legs. I bent my legs back again, and then returned to trying to straighten them out.

I had physically exerted myself more than once in lucid dreaming, which had always been accompanied by increased blood pressure in the head. This was often painful, and the discomfort would even last throughout the morning after awakening. This time, my head felt easy and light. I just concentrated on the physical effort, and not on how hard this exercise was to perform. In addition, I tried to deliberately relieve my head of that heaviness and pressure, trying to create subconscious programming for the physical world. In addition to all of the above, I did my best to give myself hypnotic suggestions.

That done, I moved on to the next items in my plan of action….

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