Give Them a Scoop

As our work has shown in practice, good rapport with even just a single (!) journalist can get you in headlines around the world in every language. 99% of the time, journalists don’t discover news, but simply reprint it or retell it from other sources. That’s how their job actually is. This means that if you do something interesting and it makes it into an authoritative media outlet, it’s guaranteed that it will be reprinted and retold by many other outlets. If it’s something that’s actually quite interesting, they’ll do reprints of reprints until the story is everywhere. To let the media know about your activities, simply call them up. This especially applies for media contacts whom you’ve already built a good rapport with.

But to call them, you’ll need to have some news to give them – a "scoop". Considering the novelty of the field, you yourself will initially be the news. This especially applies at the local level. However, this novelty will soon wear off. To get back in the limelight, you’ll need to do something interesting or beneficial. For example, you might run some experiment or campaign, or give your personal opinion about some event if it might be related to out-of-body experience, etc.

The more varied and interesting your activities, the more frequently you will get free advertising in the media, which will lead to success as an instructor in phase states. You will also be contributing to our worldwide efforts to popularize the field itself.

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