All deepening techniques should be practiced with a high level of aggression, and with no pauses, only continuous, deliberate action. If techniques are practiced in a calm, relaxed manner, then deepening attempts will most often result in falling asleep or returning to the body.

Any deepening technique should be performed quite intensely. The entire process should be somewhat hurried and aggressive. There should be no pause, but only active, fluid, and concentrated effort, preferably coupled with constant maneuver and movement around the space one is in.

In addition, it should be kept in mind that no deepening technique should be performed "as a chore", but with the intense desire and intention of deepening. If this is done, the techniques will be start to be performed in an ideal way. lucid dreamingr must try no matter what to merge into lucid dreaming world with all of his senses – it will become all the more realistic.

Interesting Fact!

There are known cases of certain swear words being used as a deepening technique to help express out one’s intention to deepen. Such an approach may be used during lucid dreaming entrance in order to maintain and control lucid dreaming space.

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