Finding Clients

The easiest way to find clients is free-of-charge: calling companies and asking to speak with the person in charge of rest and recuperation as well as corporate training. You would then pitch your services to that manager and give him a detailed outline of the benefits. If the potential client is even a bit interested, you should schedule a meeting with him to tell him about your offer in more detail. Such an approach naturally requires strong communication and negotiating skills. Unfortunately, it is only suitable for a certain type of person. One person might be too nervous to pick up the phone and dial a number, while another might be able to effortlessly make calls all day. Naturally, you’ll need to belong to the second category if you want to use the phone to find corporate clients.

If you have the money, you might create and publish an advertisement for corporate-training sessions in business periodicals and other publications (including online publications) that are read by company managers and decision makers. Considering the unusualness of such corporate services, you might get free publicity in the form of an article on your activities if you can get the attention of the editor of the right media outlet.

Instead of directly searching for corporate clients yourself, you can use the services of agencies that specialize in such work. Such companies can be found using the following search keywords: team building, coaching, corporate seminars, corporate training, corporate retreats, etc. They will already have a client base of their own, and so all you have to do is get them interested in your services. If everything is a good fit, the company will ask you to sign an agreement, and it will then task its agents with finding suitable clients for you and working out all the details with those potential clients. You will get paid either in the form of a flat fee or on a commission basis.

If you lack the necessary communication skills, motivation, or time, you might find someone who will agree to a certain percentage of the profit or an hourly wage to perform the work of looking for corporate clients and thus free you to concentrate only on issues directly related to instruction.

If you have friends who are managers at medium-sized or large companies or have friends with such connections, you definitely should take advantage of the opportunity to present your services from within their inner circle.

Due to the novelty of this type of corporate training session, you may encounter certain problems when looking for your first clients, but such problems will be only at the beginning stages. Moreover, considering the large number of advantages of this type of work, any and all effort put in will be more than worth it. That’s why what’s most important is to have unflinching desire, persistence, and belief in your idea. This will bring results sooner or later.

The most important thing is to not flinch at offering such unique services. This is the world of business, where everything is bought and sold. You are selling your services with all their associated benefits, and potential clients are going to make a decision based on what they need. They won’t be aware of the benefit that this can bring their employees until you explain it to them yourself.

Employers will definitely ask you what benefits this practice could bring them via their employees. You should really think through your answers to this question. Here are some examples of why employers need it:

– an additional resource for solving problems and accomplishing tasks at work thanks to techniques for obtaining information

– greater employee satisfaction with life thanks to discovering more of what it has to offer

– team cohesion is improved by dealing with atypical situations

– team cohesion is improved by dealing with extremely unusual practices

– team morale and health improved by practicing phase states

– decreased internal frustration among employees thanks to fulfillment of desires in out-of-body experience

– overall personal development among team members and expanded life experiences

– much, much more

Naturally, you should rely only on more scientific terms and concepts when appealing to such clients, with phase state or form of lucid dreaming being the most appropriate ones.

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