Finding a Venue

Considering the time required to get together a group and the difficulties typically encountered in finding a suitable conference room on short notice, you should start looking for a place 3 to 4 weeks before the start of your event and reserve it.

For the simplest and most effective format – the three-day seminar on out-of-body travel – you’ll need to reserve a place for 7pm to 10pm on Friday and 2pm to 6pm the following Saturday and Sunday. The room for the first seminar should seat from 15 to 20 people. Ideally, the place should come with a flip-chart or whiteboard and be quiet. The closer the venue is to the city center, the higher the seminar turnout will be and the easier it will be for people to get there.

When looking for such a place you should pay special attention to ads for conference rooms, training-session rooms, and auditoriums. Such offers are easy to find online and in the classified section of newspapers. It’s worth paying attention to various personal development centers (e.g. yoga, bioenergetics, motivational speaking, or self-actualization, etc.), which will have not only premises with the right atmosphere, but also the right kind of audience. Once you are in touch with the real-estate agent or landlord, you’ll want to find out the price of the venue, the dates it is available, how many people it will fit, and the exact location, as well as agree upon a time to see the place yourself. If you’re satisfied that the place is suitable after having seen it, then you’ll need to reserve it by prepaying in part or in full, or making arrangements to pay after the event is over.

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