Finding a Venue

The organizer should realize that if there is a room that is suitable in terms of capacity and other factors, it’s nearly always possible to make a deal to rent it out – no matter where it is and who the owner is. When looking for a venue, it therefore makes sense to be on the lookout not only for conference rooms up for rent, but also for those supposedly "off the market," so to speak.

You need to try to think ahead when looking for a room by trying to find long-term partners so that you don’t have to look for a place each time you hold a new seminar, but can instead go right on to making other preparations. It’s better to invest a lot of time in looking for a good fit in terms of quality and value-for-money than to scramble before each seminar to find a marginally suitable place.

You can find places for rent advertised in advertisement books and magazines for relevant industries. It is easy to search for premises online using the following queries: premises rental, conference halls, seminar rooms, training-session rooms, seminar premises, training-session premises, etc.

Special attention should be paid to corporate training companies that have their own conference rooms available and will help to fill them for you. A wide selection of rooms is often a big advantage to working with such companies. Although their conference rooms are often of quite a high standard, they tend to be impersonal, have a "cold" feel about them, and lack the necessary ambiance.

Therefore, the best solutions for venue rentals are to be found at specialized centers for personal development, yoga, meditation, awakening dormant abilities, etc. They will have an ambiance in keeping with the subject matter, a constant stream of new potential students, and a large number of conference rooms that meet the basic requirements. They should be the first places you turn to. Such centers try to keep their rooms rented out non-stop, and so they’ll be happy to fill up their schedule with your sessions. Your working with such a center is likely to have all the ingredients of a long-term business relationship, which will relieve you from having to look for a venue for at least the next few seminars.

If you need a small room for individual lessons, they are usually to be found at personal-development centers, seeing as one-on-one lessons are quite popular in such fields.

Since the actual location of the room doesn’t matter as much, you might also look for one at universities. Auditoriums that would otherwise be empty might be rented out by the hour. Most companies have rooms that are quite varied in terms of capacity and quality. This is especially true of large and medium-sized enterprises. Since such rooms are vacant most hours of the day, you might rent them out. In certain countries, most public libraries and community centers have conference rooms that can be rented out.

When searching for premises for lessons with full immersion, pay attention to countryside retreat centers and guest houses. You might find anything from large complexes to small homes with from 1 to 6 rooms.

For large events for hundreds or even thousands of people, you’ll need to consider community centers, movie theaters, concert halls, and even stadiums.

In no case should you sign the line to rent a conference room without first stepping inside it. The only exception might be if you have organized a seminar in another city and will only arrive just in time to start the lessons. The landlord’s description and photographs will often differ from the actual state of things and might be misleading. You’ll also need to evaluate how easy it is to get to there.

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